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ATLV is a computational design firm based in Los Angeles. The firm explores the frontier of computational design technology through design practice and research in contemporary architecture and spatial design.

Design + Research

We attack the challenging area of design where no existing design tools can work efficiently, with integration of technological innovation and design process. Technological innovation gives us opportunities to see and think design problems in new perspectives and opens up new possibilities of design. Our concurrent practice of developing tailored software tools and examining design problems enables us to pursue those possibilities. The target area of our research includes not only algorithms and software but also electric and electronic hardware and robotics to seek broader integration of design, fabrication and interaction process.


We provide consultation to other design firms to assist and enhance their design process with our expertise in computational design. We examine design tasks in clients' projects and provide design services with computational techniques, complex parametric modeling automation, rationalization with algorithmic and mathematical operations, software tools tailored for specific tasks in their projects, and/or assistance and training to their designers to perform computationally enhanced design process. Those computational technology and expertise provide clients benefits of advancement of design excellence by larger number of design iterations and improvements accelerated by high speed feedback process with computation, flexibility in design process to respond quickly to various changes in a design and business environment with clients, consultants and contractors, and optimized rationality of architectural geometry to minimize construction cost in value engineering process without sacrifice design excellence.